The Duggar Family Cover Up

Ok, here it goes, on the issue of the Duggar family… while I am not the least bit surprised at this news, I am upset about a few things that have been reported and I simply cannot stomach anymore.

When Josh Duggar was a young teenager he committed, in my opinion, a series of crimes against children for which he and his family should not be let off the hook for. Many people are saying “ oh well he was a teenager, let it go “, to which I answer, no way! For those who believe that because it happened years ago I say what about these very real facts of life…that people who commit this crime in particular, and it is a crime, the repeat rate percentage is astronomical and everyone who deals with sexual abuse victims, pedophilia, and incestuous behaviour, can prove beyond all shadow of a doubt that this behaviour just does not stop with out a great deal of professional intervention of all types. Josh Duggar from all reports never had to truly deal with the effects of his horrific actions and he must be brought to take true responsibility for what he has done once and for all. When it was first discovered that he had been acting out sexually and inappropriately toward young children, his parents turned to the church and a family friend where it was decided that instead of calling the authorities the family friend would take Josh into his construction company and make him perform some so called hard labour for a few months. The church and Josh’s family were, in my opinion again, at this point, avoiding the reality of the situation and became complicit in this crime at that point. Advising Josh and his family to lawyer up and go to this construction company for a while was pure avoidance and enabling Josh to do it again, which he did. After Josh left the so called hard labour he committed another sexual abuse and then Jim Bob Duggar hired a lawyer to ensure that Josh never had to answer child protective services who were at this point investigating. Jim Bob also asked a friend of his, a sheriff, who is now incarcerated himself, to talk to Josh and try to straighten him out, talk about laughable! There are five or more victims here people! There has been no therapy, counselling, law enforcement intervention, nothing! A couple of the victims are Josh’s own siblings! That is incest! I don’t care if it happened ten years ago or ten minutes ago, what the hell does that matter? He is a child sexual abuser period, end of story. People say that he needs to be forgiven, or he should be forgiven, I choose not to but ok so most people will forgive him, but what TLC and the Duggar family need to think about and remember is that while he may be forgiven, this matter will not be forgotten! TLC has only suspended this show but it needs to cancel it period. No one wants to see these hypocritical people any longer and TLC needs to forget about the money and it needs to smarten up. This is not TLC’s first foul up, need we say anything more than Honey Boo Boo and Jon and Kate?

What happened when Jim Bob ran for office in 2002 and took a very strong stance in regards to rape and incest and sexual abuse, saying such perpetrators should be executed? Now what does he do when his own son turns out to be a sexual deviant? He avoids the law and covers up for his son and family, all in the name of money, fame and power and it is sickening. There are petitions on line now, one to have the show cancelled and one to bring the family back and carry on as if nothing happened, what the hell is going on out there? If it were a child in your family that had been abused by another family member would you be so ready to just cover it up and say that all is forgiven? The Duggars are hypocrites, hiding behind God and the bible to avoid the real world consequence’s that Josh should have been facing all along. The nineteen children they have brought in to the world have clearly suffered through some abhorrent behaviour and Michelle and Jim Bob covered it up and for all we know this is only the beginning of the truth this family has tried so hard to cover up. Nineteen children, all home schooled, all raised by people who quite obviously have poor moral judgment. This family may not be a cult, but they behave like they are and I want the parents as well as Josh held accountable for all of it, just as you and I would be if we were to engage in such behaviour and the subsequent cover up attempt. Josh should be on the registry and not be allowed to go near any ones child to include his own. His wife and her family have made a point of saying that they support Josh and given that his wife is now pregnant with their fourth child I can see why she might say such a thing, but it does not make it right. Maybe he lied to her, maybe she doesn’t understand that he could do it to their children if he has not already, how could you as a mother have knowledge that your husband has done this and allow your children any where near him? The fact that she married him knowing all of this speaks to her lack of good judgement for sure. Like what about this man says that he would be a good man to have children with? Money, money, money. She should be away from him immediately unless or until Josh gets real, and lasting treatment and faces up to what he has done in very responsible and transparent ways. How do we know that Josh has stopped this behaviour? How does she know? Sexual deviants are very good at covering up what they do, and they often threaten their victims with horrible consequences such as hurting family members or the victims themselves, we don’t know that Josh has truly changed do we? If you talk to other perpetrators they openly say that they are always haunted by the urge to be sexual with children, they tell us that it isn’t something that anyone can just get over, so why would we believe the Duggar family when they say that it was all in the past and not an issue now when there has been no real responsibility taken and no real help sought out for Josh and his victims? What about the victims? How are they supposed to be healthy happy individuals when the parents and Josh are only going to fill their brains with avoidance? These people are teaching these victims that they do not matter and that Josh means more than their pain and suffering and that is simply wrong in every way. The church ought to be ashamed of itself as well but they are so beholding to the Duggars that they cannot see the forest through the trees, the Duggars probably pay for a lot of church events or programs and the notoriety the family has received through television has been very valuable for the church so they will go along with the Duggars despite the fact that they know it is wrong, because again, it’s about the money.

I am simply tired of these people smiling in our faces, and hiding the dirty secrets they so desperately worked to cover up. It is so typical, but it is also our fault as a society, we did this to ourselves. We too often put religious people and others on a pedestal and look to them as role models and show our children that they can strive to be like these people, only to either tear them down ourselves or watch them implode of their own making. I think that what bothers me most is that the Duggar clan has been so judgemental over the years toward many other people and issues and here they are sinners themselves and they will not admit it! Saying that they are not a perfect family does not cut it, admit it and face the music and then maybe I will believe you. TLC cannot convince me that they didn’t know about this, again the money speaks louder than anything. The executives at TLC has been negligent  and have put money in front of morals and values and they need to be fired. The Honey Boo Boo issue should have taught them well but it did not and here we are again, it’s time for heads to roll and for everyone involved to be held to account for putting the viewership through all of this yet again. TLC’s statement in part said “ we are saddened “ I bet you are, saddened that you have been caught yet again! No one has had good judgement in this matter and no one has cared about the most important part in all of this…the victims.

In Josh’s statement he stated that his parents sought counselling for him and the victims, in his statement he talks about himself a heck of a lot more than he does the victims, but what was this counselling if it even happened? Was it the church? The church that is beholding to the Duggars? The church has never been equipped to deal with such deep matters, not ever, the church in fact covers most, if not all of it up. Saying that God has forgiven Josh is wrong, we do not know that he has and Josh is still around these children on a daily basis! How many of us could bare being around our abuser all the time? Did Jim Bob and Michelle look at the kids and say “ God has forgiven Josh so you should too”, did they force the victims into submission and in a way abuse them yet again? This is so wrong. How do we know that Josh wasn’t sexually abused and has learned this behaviour from someone who abused him? How dare this mother and father leave these victims to fend for themselves morally while they busy themselves trying to get back on television. All reports and indicators point to the fact that if any counselling took place it was only temporary and done by church officials, how many times has history taught us that this will not work? The victims deserve the very best in therapy and counsel and care, and for a very long time to come, Jim Bob and Michelle have money, so do the right thing, walk away from the show and get your children into exhaustive professional therapy and work for the rest of your lives to ensure that these victims do not suffer any more than they already have. There is no way a woman with nineteen children could focus on each child equally and grow them all up properly. No one has that kind of strength and wisdom, not for nineteen children. There is probably a lot of suffering going on in that family, and the children may not even understand. These children have suffered in many ways and we have all been blind to it. Jim Bob could not have been a proper father to all of them either, he was probably out making money to support his family and Michelle just kept getting pregnant, it was their choice and their faith that brought all of this to be so now they must face the music. They have nineteen children that they, and they alone are responsible for, and they probably make the older children do a lot of the child rearing here and that is not fair. They believe that God and God alone allows them to have as many children as possible, but what about your own ability to choose? They didn’t have to have so many children, they could have stopped at any point and decided that they were only able to raise a few children properly, not to make the older ones responsible for their choices. God does not make anyone do anything, God gave us choice and for the Duggars to say that their faith brought them to this point is ridiculous. God would have loved them if they had had two children, they could have God in their lives no matter what number of children they chose to have, but to have nineteen and then cause suffering to these children is wrong, just plain wrong. They have judged so many people in the ten seasons that they have been on the air, they have held themselves up as a moral compass for us all, they did that, no one forced them to, and they have made money from all of it, and become a brand, and lied about who and what they really are in order to keep making money, so why should they be forgiven, or what they have done be forgotten?

History always shows us that when ever people place themselves in such high moral regard, they always get what’s coming to them because no one is better than anyone else on this planet and it is high time that we all stop falling for this garbage that TLC and others try to cram down our throats. Everyone sins, politicians lie, religious people lie and cheat and steal, every profession on earth has good people and bad people, police officers are both good and bad, even the Pope has sinned, so why do we constantly and repeatedly put people up as examples to live by when we know damned well that no one is perfect and no one can live a perfect life? Why do we put ourselves under such a ridiculous amount of pressure? What are we accomplishing by being so dishonest with ourselves? Think of all the athletes that are put up on pedestals and paid such vast amounts of money and then their careers and lives come crashing down because they beat their wives or do drugs or murder someone? I have seen so much of this amoral behaviour in my lifetime and because I have seen such hypocrisy I simply do not trust anything or anyone any longer, how can I? I have seen indecent and criminal behaviour in every profession, witnessed the same in all walks of life, all income brackets, all races, all faiths, so who are we trying to fool here? It is ridiculous to keep trying to live such inauthentic lives.

The Duggars are simply the latest example of our inability to be honest with ourselves as a society. They show us yet again that liars and abusers are every where and we need to be ever vigilant in order to protect ourselves from the horrors they inflict upon us. If TLC does not remove these people permanently from it’s programming then we must hit them right where it hurts them most and that is their financial bottom line. Stop watching TLC and make them a distant memory. The only way these money hungry, morally lacking television executives will get the message is if we as viewers take a stand and show them how we feel about the Duggars in particular but TLC’s negligence as well.


WittyRaised Eyebrow


Getting Better…what a wonderful life!

To all who have written me emails and kept in touch the old fashioned way, thank you from the bottom of my heart. It has been a very tough journey to say the least but I am now feeling better after all the surgery, after all the chemo, and what is now a new chapter in my life. Life is very different now, I am not at all the same after the journey with cancer, but it is still life and that is what matters most. I had as anyone can imagine, some very tough times, but I also had some great support in my family and friends and for that I will always be eternally grateful.

I still have a surgery ahead of me at the end of March, and there are definite after affects from the chemo to deal with, however not to worry, I am pretty sure that all will work out the way it is meant to and that gives me hope and makes me want so much to keep up the fight. I really want to help others who have been through this battle, or are going through it now, or may go through it in the future. I learned many things on this journey and in my opinion, one of the most important is that having a support system is absolutely crucial. I met people who had support as I did, and I met others who did not, and the difference was shocking. To see those who had no one by their side to help them carry on and be strong was so sad and made me truly appreciate every person in my life and every moment they could give me. With out help I would not be the person that I am and so it really matters to me to give that same feeling of support and strength to others. After I recover from what I pray will be my last surgery I will rise from the ashes and reach out to my fellow warriors and provide them with the love they really need and so richly deserve…anyone who wants to join me in giving a helping hand to those with cancer is more than welcome to join me.

Thank you for reading this and I will be back in touch soon…love you all

Cancer at age 53, a battle I pray that I can win…part one

I have been waiting a long time to get back to writing, as you can see it has been forever since I wrote anything but here I am back at it again and I could not be happier. I will be getting fully in to the reasons for my absence in the days to come but for now let me just share with you that I have just had a major surgery and only now am I able to sit upright long enough to write this to you all. It was a life changing operation and it was all because I was a very, very, stupid woman. Yes I am talking about cancer, breast cancer to be precise, and because October is breast cancer awareness month, and now that I can include myself in the numbers of men and women who fight to survive this horrendous illness, it is only fitting that I begin to do my part to hopefully pay it forward by sharing my experience with as many people as I can. I also hope that WordPress will do it’s part to further the cause by realizing how many of their users are going through cancer themselves or definitely know someone who is…hopefully WordPress gives to a cause or many causes that further the eradication of any and all cancers from this planet, and if not, well shame on you.

As the title of this blog states, I am at present 53 years of age, and the reason I got cancer, although somewhat debatable to some, is because I smoked cigarettes for 41 years. In June of this year I discovered a lump in my right breast and from that moment on, as in the case of many others, my life changed forever. I called my husband in to the bedroom and asked him if he felt anything and when he did the look on his face was just about more than I could take. You see my husband is a quiet and brave man, you know, the strong silent type, and in that moment when he felt the lump in my breast his face told me that strength and bravery had given way to fear and confusion, if only for a brief few minutes, the change had happened and we both understood, with out saying a word, that nothing was ever going to be ” normal “, or at least our normal, ever again. It was sad, it was frightening, but it was also the beginning of a new normal, I just didn’t understand that at the time.

What followed was normal too, a whole series of doctors appointments and tests that are humiliating and down right upsetting to the human spirit and anyone’s self esteem. You become, because of this wretched cancer, a part of a system that takes away your dignity, your independence, and your ability to direct your own course in life and it hurts like hell. That is all normal too but when you are going through it, like a lamb being led to the slaughter, there is nothing normal or calming or comforting about it. Suddenly there are a whole bunch of new people in your life, most are smiling at you and telling you that everything will be okay, but some are of course down trodden and look as though they are just waiting for you to kick the bucket. Tests like needle biopsies and mammograms and ultra sounds and other tests that I can hardly remember, all conducted by people who for the most part really care about their jobs and the patients they take care of every day, can make a person feel dizzy and confused and lost, but if you are fortunate enough to have someone sit you down and speak to you in plain english, someone who will tell you the whole and sometimes ugly truth, then you can gain some as-semblance of clarity and hopefully make some choices that make sense to you and those who are on the journey with you. Keeping your sanity and strength and faith is the most difficult thing here, remembering the you, you were before the madness of cancer took over is the key to your survival, as has been said many times by those much wiser than myself, you are not your illness, it cannot define you, never let it define who you are…

End of part one….thanks for stopping by….Witty



With the introduction and addition of the latest in the “Real Housewives” series known as the Real Housewives of D.C. I have to say that I have finally gotten tired of the whole so-called “Real Housewives” franchise of television shows. I have just started watching the D.C. show and it actually made me feel dirty because I have never seen such a pathetic display of shallow and dishonest behaviour in all of my lifeStriaght Face. I will be clear, not all of the women on each of these shows bother me, but quite a few do and I do not understand why the producers of these shows don’t understand that all they are doing is insulting the intelligence of their viewers. Let’s address each show on an individual basis shall we?

The Real Housewives of D.C., the newest of the franchise, is with out a doubt the most obnoxious of the lot. I will tell you that I think that Linda, Mary, and Stacy, are, up until this point any way, seemingly genuine people, Cat and Michayel Salahy however are the most pretentious and horrifyingly shallow women that I have ever seen in my life! Sad really because if these women had an ounce of sanity they would understand that because they are on television the chance to further the causes and issues that all women face every day is a blessing that they could take control of and push forward on, therefore helping every one in a positive way.

Cat, with her snotty and judgemental character is enough to make me want to smash my television in, and it has nothing to do with her very deep and droll accent, I have to say though that the accent certainly doesn’t help matters to be sure. Cat acts as if the whole world owes her a daily life of wine and roses and that we all should bend over backwards to please her because it’s her world and we should deem ourselves lucky that she allows us to live on the same planet with her royal smugnessRolling Eyes. She is about to have a book published about her life and if her behaviour on the show is any indication it will probably be the most boring and mind numbingly stupid book that has come out in a long time. I mean who cares about this woman, and who the hell is she any wayConfused? Better yet, why should we care about what she might or might not have to say, for heavens sake, she is hardly anyone’s life coach hahahaha!!! If she is the example of what a Real” housewife is supposed to be well kill me now because I don’t want to live in a world where Cat stands as someone we need to aspire to beTalk to the hand.Even her husband has a problem with her snotty tone, but he’s a big boy, he made his choice so he will have to live with it, the sad part here is that this woman is actually some ones motherSurprise! Oh my, if I had her as a mother when I was growing up I would have run for the hills because Cat is truly embarrassing to all women, and the fact that she is raising two daughters is truly frightening! Cat has absolutely nothing to add in a positive or inspiring way to the lives of any one and is totally un-relatable to most of the women on this planet so I will never think enough of her to do any thing more than ignore her.

As for Michayel Salahy, and her ridiculous husband, the two of them make me want to throw up in my mouthSick! When you watch these two simpletons you cannot help but get the immediate feeling that you are being conned. Terac, if that is his real name, is a jerk, and not even a smart jerk, he is so obvious and so grossly filled with self importance that it actually makes a person feel nauseous. Linda, one of the other wives may be hitting the nail on the head with her developing theory that Michayel is being controlled by this idiot Terac, and a part of me believes that it may not be only about control, but also about abuse and that makes me very sad.  The two of them together are wrecking havoc all over D.C. and beyond and the thing about it is that they actually seem to believe that we all believe their act! They don’t pay their bills, they are always putting on a show by plastering on the most phony smiles that I have ever seen, they can’t arrive any where with out putting on a show, and they are liars. Maybe they just don’t get that they are insulting our intelligence and that we see right through them but I think that they do and that they are going to keep shoving themselves down our throats any way because that is what fame whores do. Let me make it clear that if there is any abuse going on in the Salahy relationship that it must end, and apparently the two of them have been fired from the show, but it’s important here that the two of them be totally exposed so that perhaps help can be given and the man I see as a con can be dealt with once and for all.  Also, if the producers of this disaster known as the “Real Housewives of D.C.” are aware of any wrong doings by the Salahy’s and they haven’t said any thing because they have profited from the exposure they gave to this couple then they too need to be held accountable.

Now to the “Real Housewives of New Jersey”, my goodness, this set of women are enough to make any one who may be Italian wish that they weren’t! The only two women on this show that make any sort of sense and may be kind of “normal” are Dina and Jacquelyn. Caroline, Teresa, and ( yuck ) Danielle, are absolute nut cases! Yes I am including Caroline in that wacky category. Caroline is like some sort of throw back to a Mafia wife and she truly fancies herself like some sort of family boss in her own mind, it’s ridiculous! Caroline, the enforcerRolling on the floor oh my goodness who the heck does she think she is? She gets upset when people try to judge her and pigeon hole the shows participants as “typical” Italians but for heavens sake she is the reason that Italians can’t always get past old stereo types! When she speaks she tries to hold court and says things that make me as an Italian squirm in my chair because she is threatening any one who might not agree with her or her families choices and then she wonders why people have an issue with her? Yo, Caroline, get a grip will yahSilly, you are becoming a joke to Italian women every where and you certainly don’t represent me!

As for Teresa, what a hot mess of a woman she is in my opinion. I feel a bit bad for Joe her husband but not entirely. Joe works his tail off but he also allowed Teresa to spend them all into submission. He is a bit of a puzzle to me because on the one hand he acts like, and appears to be a cave dweller with definite male chauvinist behaviours, and on the other hand he lets Teresa walk all over him in many ways so it’s all a bit on the confusing side. Another thing that disgusts me about these two is that they are teaching their children to be spoiled little morons and that is appalling to me. I am not all that concerned about their oldest child modelling because after observing her she seems to really love it but we do need to be serious here, as this little one gets older things may not work out for her in the modelling world so maybe putting all of your eggs in one basket isn’t the wisest thing to do? All of their kids are terribly spoiled though and I know that they would disagree with that but the kids are just crazy spoiled and I wouldn’t bank on that being a good thing any time soon. The kids throw fits and scream and demand clothes and what ever they want and Teresa and Joe have no one to blame but themselves. These girls are going to be holy terrors as they get older and that’s pretty scary. Joe is in a lot of debt, Teresa spends money like there is no tomorrow, and these children don’t have a hope in hell of dealing with the real world in an honest and responsible way because their parents are living in some sort of twisted fantasy world that will not serve these children well in the future. Shame on you Joe and Teresa, shame on you. I don’t care about your stupid sex lives, nor does it matter to me how much marble and granite that you have in the home that you so clearly cannot afford, what matters to me is the little children that watch every thing going on around them and are going to learn how to behave in the world from the two of you and I truly fear for their futures. Teresa’s hot temper and Joe’s obvious distance from reality which is purposeful is not in any way good for anyone to see.

Danielle, you are a train wreck, filled with self importance which truly exists only in your own mind. You are a crazy person. I feel very, very,bad for the girls because if it’s not clear to them that their mother is a leach who is intending on living off of them and that their mother will bleed them dry as she has every person who has ever had the misfortune of crossing paths with her, it will become clear in the future and that is going to be a very dark day in their lives indeed. I am stunned that you lasted as long as you did on television, and I cannot express how happy I am that you have been fired from the show. You are a woman with no moral compass, that is clear, and you have no idea just what a pathetic display of motherhood that you are. It’s truly a wonder that you think that if you keep telling the world what a good person you are, if you just keep pushing yourself on all of us, if you think that if you say it enough and fight about it enough that at some point we will believe you, my god, you are the very definition of delusional! We all watched as you failed at defending yourself when that so called piece of sleaze of a book came out, and since that time you have just become even more over bearing and full of yourself. You possess no talent of your own so you stick to your children or any one else in hopes of profiting from others hard work. You are such an obvious woman and as phony as a three dollar bill. You were trying to use men as nothing more than wallets but when you became well known and your obvious attempts to find your next source of income failed you then chose to write a book that no one cared about, then the so called dancing and singing began ( ugly ), and when that failed you leached on to your daughter Christine, a shallow attempt to relive some sort of past attempt at a life, and now you are making your own daughters life a living hell. Run Christine run, your mother has no soul and in no way deserves you and your sister as daughters!

Danielle, guess what, no one wants to be your friend because you use people for no other reason than to further yourself and if you don’t get that yet then you are not only selfish, but you are also stupid! You are always the victim, every one is always doing you wrong, poor, poor Danielle, I guess you didn’t get the memo about life that most of us get at one point or another…you get what you give, what goes around comes around, karma, do unto others and all of that. You treat people like S$^% and yet you expect to be treated like gold in return? Please go away and learn that the world owes you nothing, that people are precious, and most importantly, please, please, please for once in your life do the right thing and teach your daughters the importance of integrity!!!

The “Real Housewives of New York”, another example of shallow women who truly have no lives and need to get some. I do believe however that out of all of these shows, if this can be said about any of them, this particular show is, along with the Orange County folks, the most realistic. I don’t really have a lot to say about these women except that the Countess is a pretentious person, Jill is a neurotic woman with issues, Ramona is a loose cannon who thinks her you know what doesn’t stink, Kelly is alright in very small doses but definitely a troubled person, Bethanny has built a brand, worked hard at it, finally found the love and family that she wanted, but Bethanny has become some what of an ego monster and may be headed for a rocky future if she doesn’t put herself in check, and Alex and Simon, as phony as I used to think that they were in the beginning, I have to say now that I find them refreshing when compared to the foo foo ladies that make up the rest of the cast. I would much rather watch Alex, Simon, and their children as they are then to put up with any more of the Countess being so arrogant and phony any day of the week. This version of the very lucrative franchise is best watched rarely if you must hahahaRolling Eyes.

The Orange County crew is also best taken with a grain of salt because even though they are in my opinion the most genuine of the ladies, I can only stomach so much of these ladies because too much and my brain begins to shrivelChatterbox. Vicki drives me nuts because she is so incredibly judgmental, sadly Jeanna left the show but I liked her, Lauri was real and nice to watch, Quinn was a bit of a flake but entertaining, Lynn, well Lynn sort of drives me nuts because she has no idea what is really going on in the world, has a problem being a real mother, and doesn’t seem to care one way or the other, Gretchen is obviously trying to become famous and I just don’t see what value she adds to either the show or the world, and then there is TamaraI dont know. Tamara is the queen of drama and also quite blind. Blind because her son is an idiot and needs to have his butt kicked, she is only enabling him and will regret it. Her former husband Simon was a control freak and even when she knew that to be fact she chose to try and work it out rather than leaving sooner than she did. Simon was so clearly upset with Tamara’s changing course because of the show and couldn’t accept that she wanted the attention that the show brought, now she is single again and we are all going to have to hear about her sad story which I am not looking forward to. She is a phony crier, and keeps harping on the fact that her parents divorced when she was twenty five. Hey Tamara, you were twenty five already, give it a rest, how about those of us whose parents split up when we were very young? Stop whining and get a job!!!

Ok, so that’s my take on the Real Housewives, I really cannot see or accept that these shows and the women featured in them represent any thing that is real in my world or the worlds of any of the women I know. Real women that I know don’t spend way too much money on clothes, makeup and surgery, they can’t afford to, and that is real. Real women that I know do not get to go out and party, and travel, and drink champagne with friends and that is real. The real women I know have children who wear them out and cause marital strife and require every ounce of their being at all times and that is real. The real women I know have cheating husbands and cheat on their husbands too and that is real. The real women I know have bills to pay and jobs that they have to do because they do have children and a roof to pay for and they help their husbands and that is real. The real women I know have no help, not even in their own families, and they do every thing from soup to nuts, by them selves and that is real. The real women I know are shocked when some one wants to take their picture and don’t act like it’s so off putting and so laborious and that is real.  the real women I know are single too and have more to do each day then some of you do in a month and that is real. The real women I know would love to have the time and energy to give to charity, and they do, but they don’t need to advertise it and that is real. And the real women I know are lovely and wonderful just as they are and they have no need to tell the world how good and decent and strong that they are because i shows every moment of every day and that my friends is REALApplause!!!

Don’t even get me started on Atlanta hahahahahahaRolling on the floor





Ok so here I am watching Lindsay Lohan get cuffed and

sent off to jail yet again, and before I can say “Bob’s your

uncle” she posts bail and walks out! What in the heck is

going on hereSurprise? Oh yes, all the entertainment talk shows

were blah, blahing about how this time was different, how

this judge was different, and how Lindsay was not going

to get special treatment this time, and yes I know that

bail is offered to most people in her situation, but how

many of us normal folks get that kind of break? So many

people are screaming out, saying how unfair all of this is

because if it were you or I we would be in jail, and have to

stay in jail, period. People have done less and had to stay

in jail, and had their lives ruined, and yet the Lindsay

Lohans and the Paris Hiltons of this world continue to get

privilege after privilege handed to them and they still

don’t get it together! My question is this, why are WE still

putting up with itConfused?


I hear so many people expressing outrage over this special

treatment of Hollywood types, yet judges don’t listen and

lawyers don’t care and the wheel just continues to go round

and round with no accountability. How many of us could go

out, get drunk, get in our vehicles and wreck havoc, get

caught with cocaine or other drugs, evade the law, snub our

noses at judges, and walk away only to fail drug tests, make

movies and carry on all over again? Not us, but apparently

we don’t matter because we just do all of the hard and

crucial work that needs to get done, making movies and

being a pain in the ass and getting every thing for free is

apparently much harder work, and well lets face it, the

almighty Lindsay Lohans work is much more crucial say

to world peace then those of us who toil at work a day jobs

like say, hmmmm, medical techs, or maids, or bus drivers,

or firefighters, or police officers, or, you get the picture,

what a stupid worldAt wits end!


I actually do have hope for Lindsay still, admittedly it’s

waning, but I am trying to hold on to some enthusiasm in

some way, how though do I take any of this seriously when

I constantly feel like she and her family and her lawyers

and the judge are making a mockery out of the whole thing?

Did anyone see who her father brought to the hearing? A

self professed preacher who was yelling and sounded like

he had been smoking something illegal! I mean Michael

Lohan has issues but he was basically the only Lohan at

least willing to say the truth out loud and today outside

the court even he and his friend sounded out of control! No

wonder Lindsay is having big problems, her father has a

past and her mother is not the sharpest knife in the drawer

and even her sister is doing stupid things just to get noticed!


Lindsay’s father is yelling about how unfair it is that she

was in jail at all, yet lest we forget Mr. Lohan, your

daughter broke the law and has not truly paid for it yet?

I agree that she needs rehab, she needs it for a very long

time, but she has been in rehab four times and still doesn’t

get the hint so what is it we are all supposed to do for her?

You yelling and screaming outside of the court isn’t doing

your child any good either, and as for Dina, well my

goodness, if ever there was a useless leach of a mother

Dina is it! Lindsay is sadly going to end up in prison for

years and years or she may die of an over dose and all the

Lohans and the legal profession can do is coddle Lindsay

and watch it all happen.


This is all very disturbing on so many levels that it’s hard

to talk about it with out getting very frustrated Angryand

angry, I keep wondering why as a society we, the masses,

allow this garbage to keep happening. I am so damned

tiredSleepy of it, it’s nonsense. Everyone is walking on egg shells

around Lindsay and always softening the blow for her and

it’s just so darned obvious that none of it is working for her

or any one else. She is a grown woman and she must be able

to be allowed to face the harsh realities of life or she will end

up dead, it’s as simple and as painful as that.


No one is truly helping her, she is unable to help herself,

people are just making money off of her misery and  I find

it really difficult to stomach this. I do not want to wake up

some day soon and hear that Lindsay has over dosed or

been killed in a car or committed suicide, why isn’t any one

engaging in some tough love here? Yes she is an adult but

may I remind everyone that Brittany Spears’s parents took

the bull by the horns and got her some serious help and she

is over twenty one? I know that Michael and Dina are a

couple of twits but is there no one in Lindsay’s life that

could stop this insanity before it’s too late? How about that

high priced lawyer of hers? Surely some one loves Lindsay

more than they love her money or what she could bring

them, surely there is some one who wants Lindsay to be

healthy and happy and doesn’t just look at her as a meal



I know, let’s appeal to peoples greed and remind

them that if Lindsay isn’t healthy and happy, if she

is all drugged up and irresponsible, then how can

she make the money she needs to keep you all in your

respective life styles because no one will hire her

eventually and then what? Is it not a better idea to

have her straight and responsible and happy so that

she can act and make movies and do what ever she

chooses to do in order to keep her life going which

benefits all of you blood sucking leaches at the end

of the day? Is it not better for Lindsay to have real

and true health and clarity? Or is it closer to the truth

that all those who surround her are afraid that if

Lindsay gets straight that she will realize what a bunch

of losers you all are and then she cut you all off and

the money train will stop? Mommy and Daddy and Ali

will have to get real jobs in the real world, Mommy will

have to do more than sit at her kitchen table reading the

tabloids to see what they are saying about Lindsay this

week and Daddy will have to stop the preaching and get

to work, my, my, what a concept!!! Maybe, if they all get

a life, Ali might have a chance here too. And isn’t there a

brother here too? What about the younger Lohans, what

in heavens name is all of this nonsense teaching them?


It really is too bad that Lindsay is an adult because it

would really be fantastic if her mother and father, as

well as all of those who have her ear, would all be sent

to jail and or rehab for enabling Lindsay and for always

surrounding her with stupidity. How on earth is she ever

going to be able to make sense of it all and do the right

thing when every one around her just doesn’t care and

will always do their best to look out only for themselves

and not look out for Lindsay?




I can’t speak for anyone but myself here but personally I am

sick of Paris Hilton. The strutting, phony walk from a woman who is

nothing more than a spoiled rotten rich brat with a drug habitSighis so

old already. In other words the girl is a drug addict and wants us all to

believe that she is an up standing member of the community. She is

not, she is a loser and I am sick of her, sick of her type, sick of all of

these Hollywood losersLoser! I am glad to know that Japan refused her

entry the other day, she is also now not welcome in Canada, a fact that

I am very proud of, now if only Americans would stop this train

wreck from entering their states as well we might actually be

able to get through to her. She isn’t going to get the message until

she is hit squarely in both the wallet and until the media refuses to

pay any more attention to her. She calls herself a brand, it’s all about

money and fame to her, so why not hit her on those two points and

show her that we are not interested in her party girl ways? Paris

Hilton is an egomaniacChatterbox, nothing more, nothing less, if we hit her in

the ego, she might just get the message.


I hear her talking about her love for animals, that’s nice, but big

deal, many of us love animals but don’t do cocaine and party for a

fee. She wants us to think that she is talented, uh Paris, no your not,

the only talent you possess is a talent for trouble and let’s also add

selfishness and over indulgence to that as well. When Paris was in jail

for a few days in 2007 she whined the blues because she felt it was all

so beneath her, and when she was released, did you see her strut out

like it was a run way show? What a shallow piece of work she is, and

will it stop when the courts do nothing but pander to her and her big

shot lawyers?, no it will not.


I would like to make note here that unlike Lindsay Lohan, Paris’s

parents are not out publicly defending their daughter and that’s a

good thing. We have all seen the Lohan’s argue publicly regarding

Lindsay’s antics and it’s pathetic, at least the Hilton family knows

when to shut up. Dina Lohan always takes her daughters side, we all

know why, she lives off of Lindsay and hasn’t got enough talent to get

her own job, and Michael Lohan, well he has issues, that is clear, but at

least he tries to keep it real by acknowledging his daughters problems

and trying to get her help. Dina Lohan is the ultimate in stage mothers

and will, in the end, be one of the reasons that Lindsay is in trouble

when if she had a heart and a brain she would choose instead to be a

part of the solution to Lindsay’s woes.  As I write this Lindsay is 24

hours away from having to go back to court again because she failed

yet another drug testShame on you, she admitted it this time and that’s good

because she has been denying her addictions for so long and we have

all known the truth, but what will happen this time? Will Lindsay now

be forced to deal with her demons head on and stop this game of denial

or will she be allowed to take the easy route yet again and will we all

be watching yet another Hollywood type go down the drain because we

allow the justice system to baby these idiots? Late on Friday,

September the 24th, 2010 will we be hearing that Lindsay has gone

to jail for a longer stretch this time or will we hear that she will be

allowed another way out such as community service? Will she go to

jail and be forced into a long stint in rehab, I hope so, a year

in each would be good for a start, but we all know that the judges

in Los Angeles can be easily swayed and end up only slapping these

addicts on the wrist while the rest of us would very easily go to prison

for a very long time. We all know that we would pay a much

bigger price and is it fair, no it is not, but for all of our collective

complaining about this unfair fact of life, no one is listening are they?


I believe because of my gut reaction and intuition that Lindsay Lohan

has a real shot at straightening out her life but as for Paris Hilton, it

looks like she will be forever in denial because she hasn’t got the guts

to face her truth. I admit that I didn’t have much faith in Lindsay for

a while but something tells me that she is going to do the hard work it

takes to grasp her reality and then come to be happy one day. Lindsay

still has miles to go but she seems to be slowly coming to the realization

that she can’t fight the real truth and that is that she has a drug and

alcohol problem and that if she wants it, help, real help, is available

to her. Maybe she is also concluding that we would all respect her a

great deal more if she told us all the truth and chose to live her life in

honesty rather than all of this stupid game playing that she has been

indulging in thus far. I hope that she gains clarity sooner rather than

later, I really do, I feel hope for her. I am sad to say that I do not have

the same optimism for Paris Hilton because she just can’t seem to get

real, to be real, her whole life is an act and it never seems to change. I

mean who gets out of jail and does a cat walk strut out to Mommy and

Daddy’s car in front of the cameras? She makes a show out of every

thing, and a mockery out of every thing, she needs to be humble, but

instead she is a liar and a fool. I am a bit upset that her parents are

not at least putting out a statement that they think their daughter does

have a problem and that they will help her, but better that than to pull

a Dina Lohan. I guess the difference between each set of parents here

is that the Lohan’s live off of their children and the Hilton’s do not. I

find the differences sad and pathetic and I only hope that in Lindsay’s

case she sees the obvious differences and is able to tell her parents

to get jobs of their own and to move on with out them in the future.


I am told that Paris earns her money by getting paid to party and by

selling products with her name on them, therefore making herself and

her name a “brand”. I do wonder what her parents think of all of that

but I really wish they would be more concerned about Paris the person

and not Paris the brand. The Hilton’s have way more money than they

need at this point so why not take some serious time to force Paris in to

the light of day by making her go to rehab? They can afford to hire the

best of the best, so why not do so? By the way, her so called brands,

they are cheap and frankly put the Hilton name could do with out all

that garbage. I know, it’s all about the money, money makes the world

go round, especially in Hollywood. We have example after example that

shows us that if money isn’t involved these people will not do anything

that they don’t have to. I mean for heaven’s sake, Paris’s dogs have

their own castle of sorts and it’s not like if she goes in to rehab and is

forced to get serious about her stupidity that she will be destitute, why

not do it? I’ll tell you why, she won’t do it unless she gets paid to do  it,

and probably won’t do it unless it all gets captured on camera.


Paris Hilton is the brat who openly lied to Larry King in 2007 when

she said that she was finished partying and had finally learned her

lesson. She is in fact the poster child for all that bothers us about

Hollywood and the rich and famous. Over indulgent, egotistically

driven, over privileged, brats are all we see these days coming out

of Hollywood and do they care about what we think when we are

the ones who pay these people to entertain us? No, no they do not,

and why would they when all we show them is that we are more

than willing to put up with it? Why would they do any thing to

show that they do not agree with Paris’s behaviour when she

provides their industry with all of the exposure it needs? Any attention,

be it bad or good, is seen as a good thing in their world and those of us

on the outside do nothing but soak it all in and show them that as long

as they keep feeding it to us, we will consume it. They made us crave all

of this nonsense so why would we expect them to cut us off of our

supply. Hollywood is the dealer and we are the addicts. From Ms. Hilton

to Ms. Lohan, Mel Gibson ( now there’s a real winnerDoh), all those so

called “Real Housewives”, The Jersey Shore cast, The former Hills cast,

and a list way, way, way, too long to go through here, Hollywood has

found us out, we obviously enjoy sleaze and debauchery and they will

give us what we want no matter what because we are willing to pay for

it despite what some may say publicly.


Every day people on television say that they are disgusted by these

public displays of bad behaviour, but every day they show us a ton

of it and sound like hypocrites because they make money from us

watching all of this nonsense. It’s an ugly cycle that just repeats itself

every minute of the day. Reality television and the twenty four hour

news cycle are feeding us a constant stream of information, children

and teens are exposed to enormous amounts of this craziness and then

parents have the nerve to wonder why their children are acting out

and being selfish little brats. Children learn from what adults and their

peers teach them, does any one really wonder why we seem to have

an entire generation of overly aggressive and self indulgent teens

when our own behaviour and that of the people in Hollywood, and the

very preachers and ministers in our churches is such as it is?


At this point I want Lindsay to be forced in to rehab for a year and by

force I mean forced to stay there, and I want Paris Hilton to both go

to jail and in to rehab. Paris needs to learn a lesson, she needs to finally

get that she is not better than the rest of us. I think that Lindsay may

have gotten that message some how and going back to jail will not

teach her any thing of any worth because she has been there and done

that already and it obviously didn’t work. She seems to be striving to

do better whereas Paris is acting all holier than thou and she needs to

be brought back to reality by being ignored for a good long while. Often

times in life people need to be completely broken down, torn apart, and

made to hit bottom because it’s sometimes the only way to help them

to fight back and build themselves back up again, in my opinion Paris

needs to hit bottom and we need to ignore her until she gets her life

together, a boycott on all things Paris is called for, then and only then,

when she realizes that no one cares about her if she continues on with

her bad choices, when the money train stops, she will have no choice

but to face the ugliness and shallowness of her life as she lives it.


Tell me what you think, and we can talk about it, maybe someone will

pay attention to what we think one dayPraying!




Sexuality, the choice is ours so we are told, and for the most part those of us with an ounce of brain matter seem to agree that a person is born with their sexual preference, in other words we cannot seem to get away from the fact that we love who we love and feel safest with whomever that may be, no matter if it is a person of the same sex or not. I wonder then, why, why, why, in this day in age, the government of the United States, and of course the military machine such as it is, is still playing the role of oppressor in matters of the heart? Not only do I wonder that, but I also wonder why the masses still allow this nonsense to go on as long as it has?

I personally have never understood why the millions of us allow the actions of a few to make choices for us that no one wants made. I find it perplexing to say the least. We have decided as a people that there are simply some things about our lives that no one has the right to decide for us, sexual preference is definitely one of those things, so why do the very politicians that we vote for and pay to represent us have any right what so ever to force us all to go along with sheer stupidity like ” Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell “? There are issues in life that are personal, issues that are between each of us and whom ever we believe in as individuals, issues that are no ones business but our own, we say with regularity that the government is not welcome in our bedrooms, why then do we allow them to decide who we choose to spend our personal and private time with?

Not that it matters but I am a hetro-sexual woman and I am considered to be of the more mature crowd hahahaha!, my friends and family sometimes look  at me sideways because I am puzzled at times when I hear someone ask another person what their sexual proclivity is. Why is it any one’s business? Heterosexuals don’t walk around having to declare their being straight, so why would anyone expect that it’s ok to make gay or bisexual persons declare their preferences publicly? It’s truly juvenile behavior on the part of those to take what is an issue of the heart and soul and turn it into a reason to be hateful. It’s pathetic to see those who do not have the best interests of us all in mind turn a personal matter into a reason to hold a person back financially and tell us all that because of who you sleep with you cannot pursue certain employment opportunities even though those opportunities may be your only chance at stability in many areas of your life.

In many employment situations it is against the law to discriminate based on sexual preference but some employers find a way, the worst of these offenders is all branches of the United States military in my opinion. Why are these people allowed to dictate who does what when it comes to the private lives of the men and women who serve when it has been proven time and time again that sexuality has no effect what so ever on a persons ability to do what is required of them in the field of battle? The American military is allowed to break this very basic human right and thwart the laws that the rest of us all live by in the rest of society? Since when was this ok?

President Obama said he wants this policy of oppression repealed, and he is trying in his very slow way to make sure it happens but I just wonder why it all has to be so complicated? It really is simple for everyone if we let it be, just repeal the damned policy, the so-called law, and we can all get on with our lives!!! Why on earth do we have to go through a million people and hear them blah, blah, blah, all day long when we all know that this law is going the way of the dinosaur and that at this stage it’s all nothing more than lip service, meant to give those in opposition a chance to squawk some more and then that will be that? It has to go through committee after committee and survey after survey and group after group and lobbyist after lobbyist and it just makes me sick to see how much time gets wasted by our politicians when the reality is that if they don’t repeal this policy they will be on the wrong side of history. Time is money in a politicians world, and that is our time they waste and our money as well, so again I ask, why do we the millions allow the few to thumb their noses at us and force us to put up with a type of oppression equal to the same oppression of racism and other ugly chapters in our collective human history?

I say NO MORE!!! I say that we all just inundate the White House and American military machine with telephone calls and emails and letters and tweets and Facebook comments and My Space comments and blogs and speeches and what ever form of communication gets the message across that we are TIRED of waiting, stop wasting our time and money, quit with the blah, blah, blah, and REPEAL DON’T ASK DON’T TELL and do it TODAY!!!

What do you think? Let me know and let’s just get this done!!!

Thank You For Dropping By….