The Duggar Family Cover Up

Ok, here it goes, on the issue of the Duggar family… while I am not the least bit surprised at this news, I am upset about a few things that have been reported and I simply cannot stomach anymore.

When Josh Duggar was a young teenager he committed, in my opinion, a series of crimes against children for which he and his family should not be let off the hook for. Many people are saying “ oh well he was a teenager, let it go “, to which I answer, no way! For those who believe that because it happened years ago I say what about these very real facts of life…that people who commit this crime in particular, and it is a crime, the repeat rate percentage is astronomical and everyone who deals with sexual abuse victims, pedophilia, and incestuous behaviour, can prove beyond all shadow of a doubt that this behaviour just does not stop with out a great deal of professional intervention of all types. Josh Duggar from all reports never had to truly deal with the effects of his horrific actions and he must be brought to take true responsibility for what he has done once and for all. When it was first discovered that he had been acting out sexually and inappropriately toward young children, his parents turned to the church and a family friend where it was decided that instead of calling the authorities the family friend would take Josh into his construction company and make him perform some so called hard labour for a few months. The church and Josh’s family were, in my opinion again, at this point, avoiding the reality of the situation and became complicit in this crime at that point. Advising Josh and his family to lawyer up and go to this construction company for a while was pure avoidance and enabling Josh to do it again, which he did. After Josh left the so called hard labour he committed another sexual abuse and then Jim Bob Duggar hired a lawyer to ensure that Josh never had to answer child protective services who were at this point investigating. Jim Bob also asked a friend of his, a sheriff, who is now incarcerated himself, to talk to Josh and try to straighten him out, talk about laughable! There are five or more victims here people! There has been no therapy, counselling, law enforcement intervention, nothing! A couple of the victims are Josh’s own siblings! That is incest! I don’t care if it happened ten years ago or ten minutes ago, what the hell does that matter? He is a child sexual abuser period, end of story. People say that he needs to be forgiven, or he should be forgiven, I choose not to but ok so most people will forgive him, but what TLC and the Duggar family need to think about and remember is that while he may be forgiven, this matter will not be forgotten! TLC has only suspended this show but it needs to cancel it period. No one wants to see these hypocritical people any longer and TLC needs to forget about the money and it needs to smarten up. This is not TLC’s first foul up, need we say anything more than Honey Boo Boo and Jon and Kate?

What happened when Jim Bob ran for office in 2002 and took a very strong stance in regards to rape and incest and sexual abuse, saying such perpetrators should be executed? Now what does he do when his own son turns out to be a sexual deviant? He avoids the law and covers up for his son and family, all in the name of money, fame and power and it is sickening. There are petitions on line now, one to have the show cancelled and one to bring the family back and carry on as if nothing happened, what the hell is going on out there? If it were a child in your family that had been abused by another family member would you be so ready to just cover it up and say that all is forgiven? The Duggars are hypocrites, hiding behind God and the bible to avoid the real world consequence’s that Josh should have been facing all along. The nineteen children they have brought in to the world have clearly suffered through some abhorrent behaviour and Michelle and Jim Bob covered it up and for all we know this is only the beginning of the truth this family has tried so hard to cover up. Nineteen children, all home schooled, all raised by people who quite obviously have poor moral judgment. This family may not be a cult, but they behave like they are and I want the parents as well as Josh held accountable for all of it, just as you and I would be if we were to engage in such behaviour and the subsequent cover up attempt. Josh should be on the registry and not be allowed to go near any ones child to include his own. His wife and her family have made a point of saying that they support Josh and given that his wife is now pregnant with their fourth child I can see why she might say such a thing, but it does not make it right. Maybe he lied to her, maybe she doesn’t understand that he could do it to their children if he has not already, how could you as a mother have knowledge that your husband has done this and allow your children any where near him? The fact that she married him knowing all of this speaks to her lack of good judgement for sure. Like what about this man says that he would be a good man to have children with? Money, money, money. She should be away from him immediately unless or until Josh gets real, and lasting treatment and faces up to what he has done in very responsible and transparent ways. How do we know that Josh has stopped this behaviour? How does she know? Sexual deviants are very good at covering up what they do, and they often threaten their victims with horrible consequences such as hurting family members or the victims themselves, we don’t know that Josh has truly changed do we? If you talk to other perpetrators they openly say that they are always haunted by the urge to be sexual with children, they tell us that it isn’t something that anyone can just get over, so why would we believe the Duggar family when they say that it was all in the past and not an issue now when there has been no real responsibility taken and no real help sought out for Josh and his victims? What about the victims? How are they supposed to be healthy happy individuals when the parents and Josh are only going to fill their brains with avoidance? These people are teaching these victims that they do not matter and that Josh means more than their pain and suffering and that is simply wrong in every way. The church ought to be ashamed of itself as well but they are so beholding to the Duggars that they cannot see the forest through the trees, the Duggars probably pay for a lot of church events or programs and the notoriety the family has received through television has been very valuable for the church so they will go along with the Duggars despite the fact that they know it is wrong, because again, it’s about the money.

I am simply tired of these people smiling in our faces, and hiding the dirty secrets they so desperately worked to cover up. It is so typical, but it is also our fault as a society, we did this to ourselves. We too often put religious people and others on a pedestal and look to them as role models and show our children that they can strive to be like these people, only to either tear them down ourselves or watch them implode of their own making. I think that what bothers me most is that the Duggar clan has been so judgemental over the years toward many other people and issues and here they are sinners themselves and they will not admit it! Saying that they are not a perfect family does not cut it, admit it and face the music and then maybe I will believe you. TLC cannot convince me that they didn’t know about this, again the money speaks louder than anything. The executives at TLC has been negligent  and have put money in front of morals and values and they need to be fired. The Honey Boo Boo issue should have taught them well but it did not and here we are again, it’s time for heads to roll and for everyone involved to be held to account for putting the viewership through all of this yet again. TLC’s statement in part said “ we are saddened “ I bet you are, saddened that you have been caught yet again! No one has had good judgement in this matter and no one has cared about the most important part in all of this…the victims.

In Josh’s statement he stated that his parents sought counselling for him and the victims, in his statement he talks about himself a heck of a lot more than he does the victims, but what was this counselling if it even happened? Was it the church? The church that is beholding to the Duggars? The church has never been equipped to deal with such deep matters, not ever, the church in fact covers most, if not all of it up. Saying that God has forgiven Josh is wrong, we do not know that he has and Josh is still around these children on a daily basis! How many of us could bare being around our abuser all the time? Did Jim Bob and Michelle look at the kids and say “ God has forgiven Josh so you should too”, did they force the victims into submission and in a way abuse them yet again? This is so wrong. How do we know that Josh wasn’t sexually abused and has learned this behaviour from someone who abused him? How dare this mother and father leave these victims to fend for themselves morally while they busy themselves trying to get back on television. All reports and indicators point to the fact that if any counselling took place it was only temporary and done by church officials, how many times has history taught us that this will not work? The victims deserve the very best in therapy and counsel and care, and for a very long time to come, Jim Bob and Michelle have money, so do the right thing, walk away from the show and get your children into exhaustive professional therapy and work for the rest of your lives to ensure that these victims do not suffer any more than they already have. There is no way a woman with nineteen children could focus on each child equally and grow them all up properly. No one has that kind of strength and wisdom, not for nineteen children. There is probably a lot of suffering going on in that family, and the children may not even understand. These children have suffered in many ways and we have all been blind to it. Jim Bob could not have been a proper father to all of them either, he was probably out making money to support his family and Michelle just kept getting pregnant, it was their choice and their faith that brought all of this to be so now they must face the music. They have nineteen children that they, and they alone are responsible for, and they probably make the older children do a lot of the child rearing here and that is not fair. They believe that God and God alone allows them to have as many children as possible, but what about your own ability to choose? They didn’t have to have so many children, they could have stopped at any point and decided that they were only able to raise a few children properly, not to make the older ones responsible for their choices. God does not make anyone do anything, God gave us choice and for the Duggars to say that their faith brought them to this point is ridiculous. God would have loved them if they had had two children, they could have God in their lives no matter what number of children they chose to have, but to have nineteen and then cause suffering to these children is wrong, just plain wrong. They have judged so many people in the ten seasons that they have been on the air, they have held themselves up as a moral compass for us all, they did that, no one forced them to, and they have made money from all of it, and become a brand, and lied about who and what they really are in order to keep making money, so why should they be forgiven, or what they have done be forgotten?

History always shows us that when ever people place themselves in such high moral regard, they always get what’s coming to them because no one is better than anyone else on this planet and it is high time that we all stop falling for this garbage that TLC and others try to cram down our throats. Everyone sins, politicians lie, religious people lie and cheat and steal, every profession on earth has good people and bad people, police officers are both good and bad, even the Pope has sinned, so why do we constantly and repeatedly put people up as examples to live by when we know damned well that no one is perfect and no one can live a perfect life? Why do we put ourselves under such a ridiculous amount of pressure? What are we accomplishing by being so dishonest with ourselves? Think of all the athletes that are put up on pedestals and paid such vast amounts of money and then their careers and lives come crashing down because they beat their wives or do drugs or murder someone? I have seen so much of this amoral behaviour in my lifetime and because I have seen such hypocrisy I simply do not trust anything or anyone any longer, how can I? I have seen indecent and criminal behaviour in every profession, witnessed the same in all walks of life, all income brackets, all races, all faiths, so who are we trying to fool here? It is ridiculous to keep trying to live such inauthentic lives.

The Duggars are simply the latest example of our inability to be honest with ourselves as a society. They show us yet again that liars and abusers are every where and we need to be ever vigilant in order to protect ourselves from the horrors they inflict upon us. If TLC does not remove these people permanently from it’s programming then we must hit them right where it hurts them most and that is their financial bottom line. Stop watching TLC and make them a distant memory. The only way these money hungry, morally lacking television executives will get the message is if we as viewers take a stand and show them how we feel about the Duggars in particular but TLC’s negligence as well.


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