Ok so here I am watching Lindsay Lohan get cuffed and

sent off to jail yet again, and before I can say “Bob’s your

uncle” she posts bail and walks out! What in the heck is

going on hereSurprise? Oh yes, all the entertainment talk shows

were blah, blahing about how this time was different, how

this judge was different, and how Lindsay was not going

to get special treatment this time, and yes I know that

bail is offered to most people in her situation, but how

many of us normal folks get that kind of break? So many

people are screaming out, saying how unfair all of this is

because if it were you or I we would be in jail, and have to

stay in jail, period. People have done less and had to stay

in jail, and had their lives ruined, and yet the Lindsay

Lohans and the Paris Hiltons of this world continue to get

privilege after privilege handed to them and they still

don’t get it together! My question is this, why are WE still

putting up with itConfused?


I hear so many people expressing outrage over this special

treatment of Hollywood types, yet judges don’t listen and

lawyers don’t care and the wheel just continues to go round

and round with no accountability. How many of us could go

out, get drunk, get in our vehicles and wreck havoc, get

caught with cocaine or other drugs, evade the law, snub our

noses at judges, and walk away only to fail drug tests, make

movies and carry on all over again? Not us, but apparently

we don’t matter because we just do all of the hard and

crucial work that needs to get done, making movies and

being a pain in the ass and getting every thing for free is

apparently much harder work, and well lets face it, the

almighty Lindsay Lohans work is much more crucial say

to world peace then those of us who toil at work a day jobs

like say, hmmmm, medical techs, or maids, or bus drivers,

or firefighters, or police officers, or, you get the picture,

what a stupid worldAt wits end!


I actually do have hope for Lindsay still, admittedly it’s

waning, but I am trying to hold on to some enthusiasm in

some way, how though do I take any of this seriously when

I constantly feel like she and her family and her lawyers

and the judge are making a mockery out of the whole thing?

Did anyone see who her father brought to the hearing? A

self professed preacher who was yelling and sounded like

he had been smoking something illegal! I mean Michael

Lohan has issues but he was basically the only Lohan at

least willing to say the truth out loud and today outside

the court even he and his friend sounded out of control! No

wonder Lindsay is having big problems, her father has a

past and her mother is not the sharpest knife in the drawer

and even her sister is doing stupid things just to get noticed!


Lindsay’s father is yelling about how unfair it is that she

was in jail at all, yet lest we forget Mr. Lohan, your

daughter broke the law and has not truly paid for it yet?

I agree that she needs rehab, she needs it for a very long

time, but she has been in rehab four times and still doesn’t

get the hint so what is it we are all supposed to do for her?

You yelling and screaming outside of the court isn’t doing

your child any good either, and as for Dina, well my

goodness, if ever there was a useless leach of a mother

Dina is it! Lindsay is sadly going to end up in prison for

years and years or she may die of an over dose and all the

Lohans and the legal profession can do is coddle Lindsay

and watch it all happen.


This is all very disturbing on so many levels that it’s hard

to talk about it with out getting very frustrated Angryand

angry, I keep wondering why as a society we, the masses,

allow this garbage to keep happening. I am so damned

tiredSleepy of it, it’s nonsense. Everyone is walking on egg shells

around Lindsay and always softening the blow for her and

it’s just so darned obvious that none of it is working for her

or any one else. She is a grown woman and she must be able

to be allowed to face the harsh realities of life or she will end

up dead, it’s as simple and as painful as that.


No one is truly helping her, she is unable to help herself,

people are just making money off of her misery and  I find

it really difficult to stomach this. I do not want to wake up

some day soon and hear that Lindsay has over dosed or

been killed in a car or committed suicide, why isn’t any one

engaging in some tough love here? Yes she is an adult but

may I remind everyone that Brittany Spears’s parents took

the bull by the horns and got her some serious help and she

is over twenty one? I know that Michael and Dina are a

couple of twits but is there no one in Lindsay’s life that

could stop this insanity before it’s too late? How about that

high priced lawyer of hers? Surely some one loves Lindsay

more than they love her money or what she could bring

them, surely there is some one who wants Lindsay to be

healthy and happy and doesn’t just look at her as a meal



I know, let’s appeal to peoples greed and remind

them that if Lindsay isn’t healthy and happy, if she

is all drugged up and irresponsible, then how can

she make the money she needs to keep you all in your

respective life styles because no one will hire her

eventually and then what? Is it not a better idea to

have her straight and responsible and happy so that

she can act and make movies and do what ever she

chooses to do in order to keep her life going which

benefits all of you blood sucking leaches at the end

of the day? Is it not better for Lindsay to have real

and true health and clarity? Or is it closer to the truth

that all those who surround her are afraid that if

Lindsay gets straight that she will realize what a bunch

of losers you all are and then she cut you all off and

the money train will stop? Mommy and Daddy and Ali

will have to get real jobs in the real world, Mommy will

have to do more than sit at her kitchen table reading the

tabloids to see what they are saying about Lindsay this

week and Daddy will have to stop the preaching and get

to work, my, my, what a concept!!! Maybe, if they all get

a life, Ali might have a chance here too. And isn’t there a

brother here too? What about the younger Lohans, what

in heavens name is all of this nonsense teaching them?


It really is too bad that Lindsay is an adult because it

would really be fantastic if her mother and father, as

well as all of those who have her ear, would all be sent

to jail and or rehab for enabling Lindsay and for always

surrounding her with stupidity. How on earth is she ever

going to be able to make sense of it all and do the right

thing when every one around her just doesn’t care and

will always do their best to look out only for themselves

and not look out for Lindsay?