I can’t speak for anyone but myself here but personally I am

sick of Paris Hilton. The strutting, phony walk from a woman who is

nothing more than a spoiled rotten rich brat with a drug habitSighis so

old already. In other words the girl is a drug addict and wants us all to

believe that she is an up standing member of the community. She is

not, she is a loser and I am sick of her, sick of her type, sick of all of

these Hollywood losersLoser! I am glad to know that Japan refused her

entry the other day, she is also now not welcome in Canada, a fact that

I am very proud of, now if only Americans would stop this train

wreck from entering their states as well we might actually be

able to get through to her. She isn’t going to get the message until

she is hit squarely in both the wallet and until the media refuses to

pay any more attention to her. She calls herself a brand, it’s all about

money and fame to her, so why not hit her on those two points and

show her that we are not interested in her party girl ways? Paris

Hilton is an egomaniacChatterbox, nothing more, nothing less, if we hit her in

the ego, she might just get the message.


I hear her talking about her love for animals, that’s nice, but big

deal, many of us love animals but don’t do cocaine and party for a

fee. She wants us to think that she is talented, uh Paris, no your not,

the only talent you possess is a talent for trouble and let’s also add

selfishness and over indulgence to that as well. When Paris was in jail

for a few days in 2007 she whined the blues because she felt it was all

so beneath her, and when she was released, did you see her strut out

like it was a run way show? What a shallow piece of work she is, and

will it stop when the courts do nothing but pander to her and her big

shot lawyers?, no it will not.


I would like to make note here that unlike Lindsay Lohan, Paris’s

parents are not out publicly defending their daughter and that’s a

good thing. We have all seen the Lohan’s argue publicly regarding

Lindsay’s antics and it’s pathetic, at least the Hilton family knows

when to shut up. Dina Lohan always takes her daughters side, we all

know why, she lives off of Lindsay and hasn’t got enough talent to get

her own job, and Michael Lohan, well he has issues, that is clear, but at

least he tries to keep it real by acknowledging his daughters problems

and trying to get her help. Dina Lohan is the ultimate in stage mothers

and will, in the end, be one of the reasons that Lindsay is in trouble

when if she had a heart and a brain she would choose instead to be a

part of the solution to Lindsay’s woes.  As I write this Lindsay is 24

hours away from having to go back to court again because she failed

yet another drug testShame on you, she admitted it this time and that’s good

because she has been denying her addictions for so long and we have

all known the truth, but what will happen this time? Will Lindsay now

be forced to deal with her demons head on and stop this game of denial

or will she be allowed to take the easy route yet again and will we all

be watching yet another Hollywood type go down the drain because we

allow the justice system to baby these idiots? Late on Friday,

September the 24th, 2010 will we be hearing that Lindsay has gone

to jail for a longer stretch this time or will we hear that she will be

allowed another way out such as community service? Will she go to

jail and be forced into a long stint in rehab, I hope so, a year

in each would be good for a start, but we all know that the judges

in Los Angeles can be easily swayed and end up only slapping these

addicts on the wrist while the rest of us would very easily go to prison

for a very long time. We all know that we would pay a much

bigger price and is it fair, no it is not, but for all of our collective

complaining about this unfair fact of life, no one is listening are they?


I believe because of my gut reaction and intuition that Lindsay Lohan

has a real shot at straightening out her life but as for Paris Hilton, it

looks like she will be forever in denial because she hasn’t got the guts

to face her truth. I admit that I didn’t have much faith in Lindsay for

a while but something tells me that she is going to do the hard work it

takes to grasp her reality and then come to be happy one day. Lindsay

still has miles to go but she seems to be slowly coming to the realization

that she can’t fight the real truth and that is that she has a drug and

alcohol problem and that if she wants it, help, real help, is available

to her. Maybe she is also concluding that we would all respect her a

great deal more if she told us all the truth and chose to live her life in

honesty rather than all of this stupid game playing that she has been

indulging in thus far. I hope that she gains clarity sooner rather than

later, I really do, I feel hope for her. I am sad to say that I do not have

the same optimism for Paris Hilton because she just can’t seem to get

real, to be real, her whole life is an act and it never seems to change. I

mean who gets out of jail and does a cat walk strut out to Mommy and

Daddy’s car in front of the cameras? She makes a show out of every

thing, and a mockery out of every thing, she needs to be humble, but

instead she is a liar and a fool. I am a bit upset that her parents are

not at least putting out a statement that they think their daughter does

have a problem and that they will help her, but better that than to pull

a Dina Lohan. I guess the difference between each set of parents here

is that the Lohan’s live off of their children and the Hilton’s do not. I

find the differences sad and pathetic and I only hope that in Lindsay’s

case she sees the obvious differences and is able to tell her parents

to get jobs of their own and to move on with out them in the future.


I am told that Paris earns her money by getting paid to party and by

selling products with her name on them, therefore making herself and

her name a “brand”. I do wonder what her parents think of all of that

but I really wish they would be more concerned about Paris the person

and not Paris the brand. The Hilton’s have way more money than they

need at this point so why not take some serious time to force Paris in to

the light of day by making her go to rehab? They can afford to hire the

best of the best, so why not do so? By the way, her so called brands,

they are cheap and frankly put the Hilton name could do with out all

that garbage. I know, it’s all about the money, money makes the world

go round, especially in Hollywood. We have example after example that

shows us that if money isn’t involved these people will not do anything

that they don’t have to. I mean for heaven’s sake, Paris’s dogs have

their own castle of sorts and it’s not like if she goes in to rehab and is

forced to get serious about her stupidity that she will be destitute, why

not do it? I’ll tell you why, she won’t do it unless she gets paid to do  it,

and probably won’t do it unless it all gets captured on camera.


Paris Hilton is the brat who openly lied to Larry King in 2007 when

she said that she was finished partying and had finally learned her

lesson. She is in fact the poster child for all that bothers us about

Hollywood and the rich and famous. Over indulgent, egotistically

driven, over privileged, brats are all we see these days coming out

of Hollywood and do they care about what we think when we are

the ones who pay these people to entertain us? No, no they do not,

and why would they when all we show them is that we are more

than willing to put up with it? Why would they do any thing to

show that they do not agree with Paris’s behaviour when she

provides their industry with all of the exposure it needs? Any attention,

be it bad or good, is seen as a good thing in their world and those of us

on the outside do nothing but soak it all in and show them that as long

as they keep feeding it to us, we will consume it. They made us crave all

of this nonsense so why would we expect them to cut us off of our

supply. Hollywood is the dealer and we are the addicts. From Ms. Hilton

to Ms. Lohan, Mel Gibson ( now there’s a real winnerDoh), all those so

called “Real Housewives”, The Jersey Shore cast, The former Hills cast,

and a list way, way, way, too long to go through here, Hollywood has

found us out, we obviously enjoy sleaze and debauchery and they will

give us what we want no matter what because we are willing to pay for

it despite what some may say publicly.


Every day people on television say that they are disgusted by these

public displays of bad behaviour, but every day they show us a ton

of it and sound like hypocrites because they make money from us

watching all of this nonsense. It’s an ugly cycle that just repeats itself

every minute of the day. Reality television and the twenty four hour

news cycle are feeding us a constant stream of information, children

and teens are exposed to enormous amounts of this craziness and then

parents have the nerve to wonder why their children are acting out

and being selfish little brats. Children learn from what adults and their

peers teach them, does any one really wonder why we seem to have

an entire generation of overly aggressive and self indulgent teens

when our own behaviour and that of the people in Hollywood, and the

very preachers and ministers in our churches is such as it is?


At this point I want Lindsay to be forced in to rehab for a year and by

force I mean forced to stay there, and I want Paris Hilton to both go

to jail and in to rehab. Paris needs to learn a lesson, she needs to finally

get that she is not better than the rest of us. I think that Lindsay may

have gotten that message some how and going back to jail will not

teach her any thing of any worth because she has been there and done

that already and it obviously didn’t work. She seems to be striving to

do better whereas Paris is acting all holier than thou and she needs to

be brought back to reality by being ignored for a good long while. Often

times in life people need to be completely broken down, torn apart, and

made to hit bottom because it’s sometimes the only way to help them

to fight back and build themselves back up again, in my opinion Paris

needs to hit bottom and we need to ignore her until she gets her life

together, a boycott on all things Paris is called for, then and only then,

when she realizes that no one cares about her if she continues on with

her bad choices, when the money train stops, she will have no choice

but to face the ugliness and shallowness of her life as she lives it.


Tell me what you think, and we can talk about it, maybe someone will

pay attention to what we think one dayPraying!




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