Sexuality, the choice is ours so we are told, and for the most part those of us with an ounce of brain matter seem to agree that a person is born with their sexual preference, in other words we cannot seem to get away from the fact that we love who we love and feel safest with whomever that may be, no matter if it is a person of the same sex or not. I wonder then, why, why, why, in this day in age, the government of the United States, and of course the military machine such as it is, is still playing the role of oppressor in matters of the heart? Not only do I wonder that, but I also wonder why the masses still allow this nonsense to go on as long as it has?

I personally have never understood why the millions of us allow the actions of a few to make choices for us that no one wants made. I find it perplexing to say the least. We have decided as a people that there are simply some things about our lives that no one has the right to decide for us, sexual preference is definitely one of those things, so why do the very politicians that we vote for and pay to represent us have any right what so ever to force us all to go along with sheer stupidity like ” Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell “? There are issues in life that are personal, issues that are between each of us and whom ever we believe in as individuals, issues that are no ones business but our own, we say with regularity that the government is not welcome in our bedrooms, why then do we allow them to decide who we choose to spend our personal and private time with?

Not that it matters but I am a hetro-sexual woman and I am considered to be of the more mature crowd hahahaha!, my friends and family sometimes look  at me sideways because I am puzzled at times when I hear someone ask another person what their sexual proclivity is. Why is it any one’s business? Heterosexuals don’t walk around having to declare their being straight, so why would anyone expect that it’s ok to make gay or bisexual persons declare their preferences publicly? It’s truly juvenile behavior on the part of those to take what is an issue of the heart and soul and turn it into a reason to be hateful. It’s pathetic to see those who do not have the best interests of us all in mind turn a personal matter into a reason to hold a person back financially and tell us all that because of who you sleep with you cannot pursue certain employment opportunities even though those opportunities may be your only chance at stability in many areas of your life.

In many employment situations it is against the law to discriminate based on sexual preference but some employers find a way, the worst of these offenders is all branches of the United States military in my opinion. Why are these people allowed to dictate who does what when it comes to the private lives of the men and women who serve when it has been proven time and time again that sexuality has no effect what so ever on a persons ability to do what is required of them in the field of battle? The American military is allowed to break this very basic human right and thwart the laws that the rest of us all live by in the rest of society? Since when was this ok?

President Obama said he wants this policy of oppression repealed, and he is trying in his very slow way to make sure it happens but I just wonder why it all has to be so complicated? It really is simple for everyone if we let it be, just repeal the damned policy, the so-called law, and we can all get on with our lives!!! Why on earth do we have to go through a million people and hear them blah, blah, blah, all day long when we all know that this law is going the way of the dinosaur and that at this stage it’s all nothing more than lip service, meant to give those in opposition a chance to squawk some more and then that will be that? It has to go through committee after committee and survey after survey and group after group and lobbyist after lobbyist and it just makes me sick to see how much time gets wasted by our politicians when the reality is that if they don’t repeal this policy they will be on the wrong side of history. Time is money in a politicians world, and that is our time they waste and our money as well, so again I ask, why do we the millions allow the few to thumb their noses at us and force us to put up with a type of oppression equal to the same oppression of racism and other ugly chapters in our collective human history?

I say NO MORE!!! I say that we all just inundate the White House and American military machine with telephone calls and emails and letters and tweets and Facebook comments and My Space comments and blogs and speeches and what ever form of communication gets the message across that we are TIRED of waiting, stop wasting our time and money, quit with the blah, blah, blah, and REPEAL DON’T ASK DON’T TELL and do it TODAY!!!

What do you think? Let me know and let’s just get this done!!!

Thank You For Dropping By….