Hello Hollywood? It’s Gotten Old Already!!!

I have had enough of people like Lindsay Lohan, Heidi Montag, Mel Gibson, Tiger Woods, Tila Tequila, Paris Hilton, and so many more of the so-called rich and famous, to say they have way too much influence is an understatement and it’s time to put an end to the message that Hollywood is sending. Snooky, JWow, Bristol Palin, Levi Johnston, these are the people our younger people are seeing as examples in life, and now I am pretty sure it’s time to worryNailbiting. These people, most of them, are famous only for being famous, in other words they have contributed nothing to the greater good, they are for the most part what is referred to as fame whores, and instead of being known for their valuable contributions to society, they are instead known for their misdeeds and bad behavior. We now live in a world where bad behavior is rewarded, and it matters, it matters a lot and we need to stop this growing trend or our children will have no other choice but to act like fools in order to get some where in life. My question today is where are all the good people? Are there any good people left to stand as role models, or am I dreaming?

Heidi Montag, a young woman who went and had ten plastic surgeries done on one day in order to become a Hollywood  action star, her words not mine, now regrets her choice and wants us all to feel sorry for her. This woman who was part of the pairing known as “Spiedi”, famous for being obnoxious little twits who couldn’t care less about anyone but themselves, the couple that wrote a book about how to become famous quickly, now wants us to shed a tear for her plight when a mere month ago, if not less, she thumbed her nose at people who tried to tell her that she was in trouble in both her marriage and in her life as an individual. We were the fools according to her and her now soon to be former husband Spencer PrattLoser, we were tired of hearing them cry wolf, and now that she isn’t getting the fame and fortune she seeks, she wants to listen to those wiser than herself now, too little, way too late I say. When she was being told by those in the know that if she wanted to be a famous action star she would have to work at the craft and earn her place in the business the way others have, she shunned their advice, laughed at their efforts to guide her thinking that she and her useless husband knew better, well now, with a pending divorce ( yeah right ) and a career which was fleeting at best and now down the drain, she is now wondering what happened to her opportunities and must face herself in the mirror knowing that she has no one else to blame for her problems but herself…and her loser husband. I am happy now that she and the other twits that plagued our televisions on their show The Hills are off the air, finally some rational reality may be on it’s way back to television, maybe, but I can’t hold my breath just yet.

Paris Hilton recently suffered what could have been a disastrous break in at her home, again, and she Tweeted on Twitter that the guy who broke in had “two huge knives” which implies he was about to be violent, well now, not that I condone the would be thief’s actions but the facts do not bear out Miss Hiltons claims. The police state emphatically that there were no weapons at all, so what was she trying to do here? I am not saying that she deserves to have her home broken in to but she was obviously trying to garner much more public attention and sympathy then she clearly deserves and I am sick of it. Paris Hilton is a woman with a ton of money, no talent what so ever, and a need to keep her name in the publics eye for no good reason. I mean really Paris? Tweeting and taking a video while the police are in front of your house arresting the guy who broke in? Highly suspect in my opinion. I know people who have suffered the trauma of being broken in to and the last thing they think about is Tweeting the world with live shots of the arrest. Can you say “ my name is Paris Hilton and I am a spoiled rotten idiot with an insatiable appetite for attention”? Please go away little girl.

The Jersey Shore, oh my goodnessDoh, now this is a show that may even serve to make the former Hills cast look like a group of puritans hahahahahaRolling on the floor!!! You do understand don’t you, these people get paid BIGMoney Eyes money to tan, do laundry, and go to the gym, the guys do anyway, and then they eat, sleep, and go to clubs to cause problems, fights, and to find idiots to sleep with. Snooky falls in love in five minutes flat and thinks every guy who pays attention to her for three seconds is the love of her life! Snooky drinks like a fish and has now been arrested and charged with being “annoying”, a real charge lol, and for being drunk in public and other charges, tell me, what the hell is so entertaining about this girl and her cohorts? The Situation, Mike, he is nothing more than a grown man with raging hormones who would sleep with any woman on the planet just so that he can brag about it, why is that worth our time and money, don’t we all know people like him, in fact are these sleaze bags not a dime a dozen? JWow loves to fight and will beat the pulp out of anyone that looks at her or her friends sideways, why is that worthy of the time you would waste watching her? Sammy and what’s his face, oh yeah Ronny, the only so called couple on the show, well they break up and get back together every five seconds which creates a lot of drama and again, why is that worth the price we all pay? The only two people on this show that short of have a shot at normalcy are Pauly and Vinny because they at least make an attempt to restrain themselves, the rest of them are beyond idiotic and I really wonder, because of the success of this show specifically, just how far we as a society are going to go in allowing money and fame to rule the dayI dont know?. Yes, we have only ourselves to blame, and my hope is that we change our tune very quickly because young people every where are really going to suffer the consequences if we don’t. This mentality of ours lately that we accept the lowest form of behavior from others because it takes the pressure off of us to behave with grace and dignity is not helping the American image around the rest of the world either. There was a time not too long ago when Americans cared about what the world felt about them as a so called great nation, now however it seems that we can all just suffer because it’s all about the money and to heck with the way it affects every one.

What is very sad here, speaking as a Canadian, is that our own home grown television here in Canada is about as entertaining as watching paint dry, so we have a heck of a lot of American television networks piping through our cable or satellite receivers and it is next to impossible to avoid the American influence on our Canadian life. Money in Canada is not spent on entertainment, we have no money here, the little we do have to spend on the television or movie industries is spent on telling Canadians stories about events that occurred way, way, way, in the past that have no relevance today and trust me, it’s a real snore festSigh. CBC Canada is our so called government run, publicly funded, television network and it is absolutely horrible. The same actors and talk show personnel have been on TV for a hundred years now and it’s really boring and old to say the least.  To look at it one could easily conclude that Canada has about five actors, three actresses, and four news anchors, in total but that’s not true. Much of our talent moves to the United States just so that they can earn a living, but they start out here, and if we were smart we would do all that we could to keep them here, but we do not. The same people, the same programming repeating constantly by the way, and if you have half a brain you have to give yourself a break and watch some American television in order to stay current, That is however the problem, staying current means watching American content, and American content means shows like Jersey Shore, The Bachelor and Bachelorette, The Bachelor Pad, Big Brother, Rock Of Love, I Love Money, Jerry Springer, Maury Povich ( the king of the DNA test ), The Real Housewives ( pick your own city ), and the list goes on and on. I suppose the Law and Order series is good, but even that show gets tedious, I mean it’s just far too obvious now what is going to happen, no stretching the old brain cells there any more. I once heard it said that Hollywood hasn’t had an original idea since it’s inception and I now agree, I mean for heaven’s sake, they are bringing back Hawaii Five O!!! That is a tangible example of just how much of a rut we are all in. Through our television providers and movie theaters we pay many, many, millions of dollars each day to be entertained, but are we getting our monies worth? I say…NO!!!

Ok so let me state the obviousStriaght Face, you could say to me with some authority that if I don’t like what you are seeing, don’t watch, get a life, find something else to do. I agree. The problem is this…money is tight in my world, and in case you didn’t know this as fact, winters in my part of Canada are harsh, cold and isolating, driving is hard, and again, money is an issue. I pay eighty five dollars a month to have satellite TV brought in to my home because I live in a rural area and have no other choice, so what I’m saying is that sometimes, due to sheer boredom and trying to be financially responsible, I watch television more at certain times of the year then I do others and as a consequence I feel ripped off by both my satellite provider and by Canadian content and so I end up tuning in to American television and I am appalled by how much sleaze I am exposed to. Yes I change channels, only to land upon yet another American program with a new twist on so called reality, it is obnoxiousNot talking! An example of why I am concerned is MTV. I like music and I like the younger tone of MTV, but Jersey Shore, really? Is that show really at all representative of music and music history? I think not. Music Television, it’s in the name, so what does this show about drunken, hormone driven, brainless, uninformed, and freakishly selfish young people got to do with music?I mean it’s just an insult to our collective intelligence and these kinds of shows just serve to appeal to our deepest, darkest, ugliest sides and what purpose does that serve? What is to be accomplished with this type of programming? I know people like to watch shows considered brainless and mindlessly entertaining but come on now, what is the end goal here? And what’s to become of these young people if we pay them to behave like cave dwellers and then the show ends, everyone forgets about them, and they have nothing to fall back on? What does this say about our obligation to ensure that young people grow up with the ability to go out in to the world and do the right thing? After this show ends, what in heavens name is someone like Snooky going to do? Is she going to be a teacher or a nurse or a veterinarian as she has stated? Who would hire her? It’s just not realistic to think that when we pay people do be bar room brawlers and mindless buffoons that they will then move on in life to contribute in any positive way in the future.

Our saving grace is a channels like Discovery, shows like Deadliest Catch and others are both entertaining and educational and I wish there were more shows and channels like Discovery. Being educated does not mean having to be bored, and being entertained does not mean that informing people is a bad thing. You can have both and shows on Discovery prove that on a daily basis. Now these shows are real, not scripted reality at all unlike the other networks version of reality Discovery knows the difference. The Learning Channel, also known as TLC, they used to be a good channel until the whole Jon and Kate Plus Eight fiasco took hold and then they began showing their true intentions, this channel used to be about learning, now it’s gone Hollywood and has shows on now that are nothing more than glorified rag magazines on video. I personally have had enough of Kate Gosselin, and I do not believe that any of this exposure is good for her children. I don’t care if they are divorced, I don’t care who is dating and who isn’t, I don’t care about Kate’s hair, what I care about is those children and I was really upset when the whole divorce thing was going on and Kate went on TV and stated repeatedly that “ the children are very upset and sad because the cameras are not around anymore”, what? Really? how is that normal, and how is that good for the kids?Yes, yes I know, Kate and Jon have to support their kids and television offers them the opportunity to make good money, but to what end? Are we going to see these eight children in the future as grown ups in trouble like many children have been that are involved in the business? Between Jon and Kate, Jon a former IT guy and Kate a nurse, couldn’t they earn enough money working those jobs? Yes, they were doing it before, why not now? Other families with lots of children make it, why is this family so special that we have to hear about their nonsense and why are we supposed to feel sorry for them? Why is it so important these days for every Tom, Dick and Harry, or Kate, Paris, and Snooky, to let us know every little detail of their lives? I don’t care who is doing what to whom unless or until it is causing harm to others and does not serve the public good, until then, shut up and get on with your lives!!!

Today while watching a news program, on a serious news  channel for heavens sake, it was announced that Mike The Situation from Jersey Shore, Bristol Palin, famous for nothing but being Sarah Palins daughter and getting pregnant out of wed lock, and David Hasselhoff, a man who keeps trying to relive his glory days on Baywatch and a man with alcohol issues, are but a few of the people that are going to be on the next installment of Dancing With The Stars. Oh for Pete’s sake, are you people serious? YUCK!!! That counts me out as a viewerAt wits end, what a crazy line up, who’s next Hulk Hogan? I mean Kate Gosselin wasn’t bad enough? What a damned joke! This is yet another show that started off with the right concept, and then it went down the drain when they decided to have controversial people on as a way to gain ratings. I know it had to compete with American Idol but please! How about using our minds and imaginations now instead of stooping to the lowest common denominator? Money, money, money, it’s all about the money.

The long and the short of all of this is that we as a society have become so complacent that we seemingly no longer care what we are being spoon fed by Hollywood and it makes me crazy. That’s our money they use to produce this garbage that then gets fed to your children. That’s our time that gets wasted when children ask about why these people get to behave that way and they don’t. How on earth does anyone have a chance at raising good and well rounded children when Hollywood has such a powerful influence in daily life and does nothing but seek to make money with out regard to our children’s futures. We are nothing more than sheep to these big bucks Hollywood types and we allow it to continue. They feed us garbage and we keep eating it, causing them to believe that this is what we want, and so they make more and the cycle continues.

I am not aware of anyone truly making a concerted effort to stop these people from poisoning us with their pathetic productions, I would like to at least start the ball rolling. I would like to begin with taking a poll, and I would like it if people would answer the poll honestly and then after that send me a line to my email address and let me know who you are and how you feel about the question I put to you. I will begin with one show and we will see how it goes from there, I hope you feel free enough to truly participate, all comments welcome…I look forward to hearing from youBig Hug.



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