Dr. Laura, You Are A Hypocrite!

Oh my goodness, the latest rant from Dr. Laura Schlesinger is so beyond reasonable that I can no longer forgive her and in fact I will be boycotting her from now on and hope that everyone else will do the same. You see here in lays the problem for me, she has done this kind of thing before, spewing nasty remarks about gay people in the past, and she truly thinks that all she has to do is put out an apology and that the matter will end, I say not this time, I pray not this time.

An innocent woman calls into the show and discusses a problem with the fact that she is in a mixed marriage, she being African-American and her husband not, she tells the doctor that her husbands friends make remarks, but she didn’t even say what kind of remarks, nor did she have the chance to become more specific, without even knowing all of the facts the doctor goes in to a racist tirade that made me feel such disgust that I almost cried. The only reason I didn’t cry was because anger took over quite quickly when my memory kicked in regarding Dr. Laura’s past remarks against other groups of people. Dr. Laura used the “N” word eleven times, she told the woman who if she didn’t have a sense of humor or any maturity then she shouldn’t have married out side of her race, and it just get’s worse from there. I have heard this so-called doc insult gay people and for that matter, anyone who doesn’t agree with her various points of view, and I ask myself if this woman with the brains of a cave dweller has any right to be on the air any more, and my answer is NO!!! I am so sick of these so-called famous people spewing out their garbage and because they have a title in front of their names, they get away with it. I wonder how this doctor, if she really is one, keeps up on her training, it doesn’t seem to me that she has because it’s 2010 and it is clear that she missed the sensitivity training that any one in this day and age who does what she does has to take. I’m beyond upset at this point, I am disgusted.

I remember years ago when Dr. Laura went on a tangent about people who get divorced, I used to listen to her back then, and she tore in to every one who got a divorce saying that they would go to hell and that they were morally flawed, I then found out that she herself was on her second marriage! How can she stand as a role model with 9,000,000 listeners and be such a liar and a hypocrite? Why do all of those people accept this nonsense from her? Her advertisers really have to take a long look at this train wreck known as Dr. Laura and leave her alone, they can find another way to make money surely, we don’t need this kind of garbage in our daily lives any more, we really don’t. Practice what you preach or shut up, since when was hypocrisy a good thing to be rewarded? No one let’s me or you get away with it, no one pays any of us to be ill-mannered and wrong do they? Why does Dr. Laura get to be wrong, insulting, demeaning and rude to nine million people and be rewarded for it? Ask yourselves why we as a society keep allowing famous people to insult our intelligence the way we do.

There is of course a certain segment of society that agree with this vile tirade of the doctors, and that will never change sadly, but what about those of us who know better and do not agree? I still, and perhaps naively, believe that people are for the most part good and decent and that if asked would not agree with Dr. Laura, so why do we have to be exposed to her hateful remarks? I know, I know, if you don’t like it don’t listen, I didn’t, I was not listening to her show, I heard it on the news and from friends, so I was exposed and I resent it. People talk and they talk about the news and issues of the day, it’s to be expected, this issue spread like wild-fire and so many people are angry about it that it has gained world-wide attention, that’s classy Dr. Laura, you offend us all with your stupidity.

You spin it, like you have in the past, you try to make it sound better than it was, and in the past people have forgiven you, well I hope with all of my might that this time will be different and that you will be pulled off of the air permanently this time. I cannot stand people who work to get where they are in life only to blow it by being as dumb as a box of rocks. I have seen right through you for years, I know, I feel that you are a racist and I want you gone. You have had a good stretch doc, you have made a ton of money, gained fame, and fulfilled your dreams, so leave us all alone now and retire. Maybe write a book, some may read it, but please don’t continue on with your radio show, please just go away because your agenda is clear and obvious now, your style and thinking is antiquated and you insult the intelligence of many.

Dare I state the obvious…Dr. Laura, you need therapy and you need to retire.



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