British Petroleum, Trans Ocean, Halliburton, How Dare You All!

I have had it! If you watched the executives from British Petroleum, Trans Ocean, and Halliburton testifying in Washington the other day regarding the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico you know that all you saw was a bunch of highly paid men playing a grown up version of the ever childish blame game and nothing more. They each blame the other for what will end up being the worst environmental disaster of our time and enough is enough.

This spill which so far has seen over 3 million gallons of oil leak out in to the beautiful waters of the Gulf of Mexico is going to take months, if not years, to be cleaned up, it will cost any where from 3 to 14 billion dollars by some estimates and then we have to factor in the human cost and of course the cost to marine life, the eco system, and our planet as a whole which will be immeasurable in some ways.

Fisherman will lose their livelihoods, people in the regions concerned will obviously lose their jobs as well, tourism suffers, dolphins, whales, turtles, birds, all manner of sea life will perish, and these jerks from these three companies have the nerve to sit there wasting time blaming one another and of course failing to be responsible for what has happened. Here’s the deal for me, right now I don’t care who did what, what I care about is fixing the problem, and so let’s do something about it by placing responsibility on all three companies and forcing all three companies to pay for all damages, both for now and in the future as well, and if they want to play tit for tat let them do it later on in a court of law and that will be that! Clean this horrific mess up first and then wallow in your corporate bull#*&$!!! Why do any of us have to wait to see who loses the blame game before our environment is dealt with? I am absolutely upset that no one is putting the hammer down on these criminals!

British Petroleum is the 4th wealthiest company in all the world, the 4th largest, they alone can pay for this and should, but if we want to play around here ok, let them all pay and fight it out later on down the line, now is the time for clean up, not bickering! The eco system cannot wait until we are all satisfied as to blame. Whales, dolphins, and all other living creatures, plant life, and every thing involved with the food chain cannot wait for politics and money, or power and persuasion to do the right thing, the time is now for us to demand that these corporate big shots do every thing possible to clean this mess up and to never allow it to happen again. All this shows me is that nothing at all was learned from the past, remember Exxon everyone? How many huge mistakes can the planet take for crying out loud? What irreversible damage must we witness before we all stand up and demand better from these money and power hungry entities that currently plague the planet? British Petroleum has claimed for years that they are all about safety both to it’s employees and the environment, they even claim to be a “green” company, they lie, we allow it, it’s our fault too. We want oil, but we also know that there are alternatives out there so what are we waiting for? We must demand better from ourselves which in turn will help us demand better from corporations who claim to have our environment and our safety at heart. We all know that it’s about the bottom line, meaning money, we know it yet we continue to do nothing about it. We have only ourselves to blame in many of these cases so until we finally get the message that we need to smarten up and do what is right, how can we expect the people who profit from our greed to get it right?

Americans are often blamed for their greed and massive consumption of resources, and they should be, but the rest of us are just as bad, maybe on differing levels but we are just as bad. We love to preach about those nasty Americans, we love to point them out because it makes us feel better about ourselves and takes the sting out of our own responsibility for this mess but the truth is that we also consume way too much, it just looks like less of an issue because we are smaller in population. It’s all relative folks, we cannot continue to play the blame game in our way and we cannot continue to accept the blame game being played by British Petroleum, Trans Ocean, and Halliburton, we all need to get the message once and for all and do the right thing for the planet and for those who will inherit it, the children. If we all keep saying over and over and over again that the planet is dying because of us, and that we must smarten up because our children and their children need us to grow up and do what is right then here is our chance, we must require much more of ourselves and these three companies.

I say make them all pay, I say make them all clean it up and I say that we force them to do it now and not stop until this has been made right and the people of the region are made whole again. We owe this to the future of this planet and we all need to be properly ashamed of ourselves for allowing our greed to ruin the gifts this earth has given us and future generations. We need to take responsibility, admit our faults, and then move forward and make it right. To do any thing less is truly at our peril and it’s time for each of us to be better, stronger, and wiser.

In memory of the eleven human beings, all whom have loved ones who are suffering their loss, let us move forward and force this environmental catastrophe to be turned into a huge life lesson and a victory in short order.



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